Tuesday, 8 November 2011

English/Australian Dictionary please!

I love the way the Australians talk, they have some of the best phrases. Australia is a place where things are "too easy", where you can have "no worries", where everything is "heaps good" and success is greated with a "good onya".What I really love about them is the positiveness of their nature, how they downplay problems and big up everyday occurances. Lend someone a pen and I become a "legend' worthy of Homeric prose, worried about the end of the world, "she'll be right"

This was not always the case, as a new arrival to these sunny shores in my first week in my new role I was asked "How you travelling for the presso this arvo?" So stimied was I that I posted the phrase on Facebook to see if anyone could come back with a translation. My favourite had to be from a US friend who though I had been asked to go out and by a present for someone. But they now seem part of my world, and maybe there will come a time when I don't smile at the more outrageous like "Strewth", "Shelagh" and "Ripper" (but I doubt it), the time has already come when I have used some of them myself.

Good love em, those Aussies, they make me laugh!

(For those who want to know it meant "Are you ready for the presentation this afternoon?")

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